About this project

Kamboyogi has a VISON to bring about natural and ancient medicine healing to everyone who is looking to transform their lives. Kamboyogi has developed the four pillars of transformation believing that the healing journey is complete when the physical, mental, emotional and energetic balances have been optimized with natural healing modalities.

Kambo is a treatment from the Amazon rainforest containing unique bioactive peptides beneficial to human body. . In general, many people report clearing emotional baggage, letting go of past traumas and issues, clarity of mind, heightened awareness and focus, resilience to stress and fatigue, getting sick less, an increased sense of energy and well-being, enhanced mood, and even bringing more clarity to one’s life path. Kambo may also alleviate allergies, depression, PTSD and anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, autoimmune disorders just to name a few.