About this project

Experience the transformative power of a Juice Detox & Fast whilst surrounded by pristine nature. Our stunning retreat centre is located on the West Coast of Sweden, the 24 Hectare farm dating back to 1670, is surrounded by pristine forest and low granite hills. Sitting only 3km from the Atlantic, the property is bathed in fresh ocean air. The natural beauty of our farm offers a place of tranquility and stillness as you go within. Free of EMF pollution.

We offer signature 10 Day (9 night) stays in high-quality accommodation, with daily fresh mono juices, signature cleanses designed for you. Also available… Basic and Advanced Parasite Cleanses, Amazonian Kambo Cleanse, the Dr Morse range of botanicals/herbs, and a number of activities from meditation, nature walks, and inspiring health talks. We offer a range of treatments designed to assist your Cleanse. Non-residential stays are possible.

The Detox retreat and accompanying Fast is a great way of allowing you to detox, whilst allowing your body’s intelligence to direct its energy into cleaning the body Temple rather than digesting and assimilating food. The Retreat immerses you into beautiful pristine nature away from the normal temptations and distractions of daily life. We cater to signature retreats for individuals or group retreats.